Friday, January 21, 2011

If You're Having Problems of Any Kind Buying/Reading "Saving My Knees," Read This

"Saving My Knees: How I Proved My Doctors Wrong and Beat Chronic Knee Pain" is now on as an electronic Kindle book. I'm still waiting for the product description to be added, but the book is ready to be ordered and downloaded.

Why is it only electronic? That answer's here.

How can you read it? Or buy it if you live abroad? That answer's here.

Now, what if, after following the instructions given on the link above, you still don't have a way to buy or read the book?

Welcome to the trouble-shooting post. I'll fix problems here, best I can. Explain your issue in the comment section below and I promise to periodically update this post with possible solutions.


  1. hi Richard
    My name is Allen, im in Indonesia, south East Asia, and im really interested with your book as im too diagnosed with chondral defect since september this year.
    Im having difficulty in getting your book, I have a PC and iPad, but the thing is Amazon does not allowed us/not available in Asia Pacific to buy online.
    Can you suggest me what should I do to buy/get the book?
    My email address:
    Would it possible that I just send you the payment using credit card and then you send me a pdf file of the book to my email?
    I am really look forward to hearing from you as I desparate to read the book and have this sickness solved soon.
    Greatly appreciated your help.

  2. Allen, the best workaround I found for someone who lives abroad in a country not served directly by Amazon, and who wants to buy the book, is by using an Amazon gift card:
    Of course, there are probably other ways to buy it. As long as you have an international credit card (or know someone who does), I imagine you could find a way. Also, if it helps, “Saving My Knees” is available through Smashwords and its affiliated booksellers (e.g., Barnes and Noble, for the bookseller's Nook product).
    If you’re still stuck, a lot of the thinking that’s in the book is right here on the blog. For free. :)