Friday, December 16, 2011

Merry Christmas to All!

Yes, I know ... I'm a week early with the holiday wishes.

But let me explain.

My life has become very time-starved, with a 10-hour-a-day job and a sometimes difficult two-year-old now living with me (Joelle is the most beautiful little creature on earth, but when she does NOT want to do something, she summons the strength of a dozen grown men and lets loose a wail to wake the dead).

Not having enough time has encouraged me to be efficient. I try to maximize every minute of the day. During my half-hour lunch break at Bloomberg, I usually find a spot on a bench at the officer tower and write out blog entries, longhand.

I actually rather enjoy it, so no need to feel sorry for me (if anyone was). I start a post on Monday, scribble and revise and scribble some more until I finish, usually by Wednesday or Thursday. Then I tear the pages out of my notebook, tuck them into my backpack, and bring them home for typing up (and posting on the blog) over the weekend.

At least I usually do. This week I goofed. My entire mini-essay on crepitus is, as I write this, sitting in a desk drawer on the empty 25th floor of 731 Lexington Avenue. It never made the trip home because I got distracted right after lunch and forgot it.

So I decided to flip things around. Next week I was going to do the "Ho, ho, Merry Christmas, and may all your knees stop complaining for one weekend!" Instead, I'll do that now -- consider it done -- and next week, I'll let you know what I think about crepitus.

One last thing: a huge thank you to all who have dropped by this site over the past year, and who have taken the time to review Saving My Knees on Amazon. Even if a single copy of the book never sells again, its popularity has exceeded my expectations.

And, finally: Does anyone out there have an uplifting story they want to share? I'd love to hear from others who have had success with their knees. How? What did you do? Please let me know below. I'd love to do a blog post on this. Let's share our knowledge of what works!

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