Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Plans for This Blog

Recently I logged onto this blog, behind the scenes, and discovered -- gasp! -- I've just done my 100th post.

That milestone put me in a reflective mood. I thought again about how long I plan to keep this blog going and reasonably fresh with so many demands on my time (one of them turns three in September :)).

The good news (assuming you find this blog worthwhile and interesting) is that I don't plan to just turn out the lights. I'll probably just reduce my posting to, say, once a month, and the posts will be shorter.

I do want to pop in, from time to time, partly because I really believe the current medical thinking about how to treat chronic knee pain is going to evolve. I think, further, it will evolve toward the message in Saving My Knees. And I want to be able to chronicle that, as it occurs over the years. So, with luck, I'll be blogging on some kind of infrequent basis in another 20 years. :)

My immediate plans are to work through a backlog of ideas for posts that have piled up. I'll do that once a week, as I have been. When I'm done, I'll probably do a shout out, similar to the bartender's, "Last call for drinks!" -- inviting anyone who has questions about anything to ask (and hopefully I, or other readers, will have some useful insight).

So I'll work through these questions. Then, once I feel I'm talked out (nothing's worse than that chatty guest who overstays his welcome), and I'm in danger of prattling on about previously prattled about stuff, I'll put the dimmer switch on low and walk away.

Sort of.

I'll still be in the background, monitoring comments. I'll still be looking for good news articles to share with you. I'll just be less active, that's all. And I can gain traction on 39 other little projects kicking around in my head. :)

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