Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Quick Note About Drive-By Comment Spam

Happily, the pageviews have been rising for this blog.

Unhappily, that has drawn some opportunist spammers. They leave what I consider "drive-by" spam. It usually goes like this: "I found this article informative and useful for knee osteoarthritis," with an embedded link on "knee osteoarthritis" that leads to some surgeon's website.

Whenever I find this kind of comment, I delete it immediately.

Here are the ground rules:

I have a high tolerance for many different kinds of negative and critical comments. You can even call me an idiot (I'd rather you didn't, but if you feel that strongly ...). As long as you're not offensively profane, I won't delete your comment.

And I don't mind if you make a remark relevant to the blog post and mention a book that helped you heal. Or even if you mention you wrote a book that might help others heal. Or even if you know a doctor who might help others, and include a link to his (or her) Web site.

I'm more interested in whether you're contributing in some way to the dialogue. But when someone writes a throwaway line like "Great post! I like it a lot." and scatters similar comments across multiple posts, with links to a Web site, it's clear they're not interested in participating in a dialogue. They've just been paid to hawk someone's product.

That, to me, is spam. I report it as such. So spammers be forewarned.

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