Friday, August 9, 2013

ARGH!!! Your Blog Looks Different!!!!

Anyone with this reaction?

So: I got tired of the rather dull look of the old blog and decided to spiff it up a little. (I'm more of a blue guy than a pale orange guy, or flesh-colored band-aid guy, or whatever that old color was.)

Now, as a former newspaper man, I know that whenever a familiar design is changed, the complaints pour in. Just try to go easy on me. I'm not a design whiz at all. I can barely color co-ordinate my wardrobe in the morning.

The font is bigger for those with weaker eyesight (bigger font sizes are cool, I think, whereas who wants to go to a website and squint all the way through tiny, closely packed text?)

If there are issues with readability though, please weigh in. Or, if any of the new colors induce epileptic seizures, well, that would be another reason to weigh in. Or, if you just think you have a better idea (narrower columns! wider columns!) about how to improve the appearance, let me know about that.

Otherwise, well, life is all about change, right? :)

Update: I changed the image in the borders. That blue was too overpowering. This design feels a bit more soothing.

1 comment:

  1. Looks the exact same on my phone. Nothing changed.