Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Call for Success Stories

My intention has always been to retire -- or actually, semi-retire -- this blog eventually. I don’t want to start unconsciously repeating myself. Note I use the word “unconsciously,” as there are some messages well worth repeating to knee pain sufferers (“lose weight!” being one).

Lately I’ve been thinking about this, as I’ve grown a bit tired of hearing my own voice here all the time. It sometimes feels like everyone by now knows by story, and my beliefs, and can predict what I’m going to say.

But what about your stories?

What has worked for you?

I’m hereby putting out a call for success stories from others. And, to lower the bar a little, it’s fine to “play” even if your knees aren’t completely healed. Please include (1) Some details about yourself (age, sex, overweight or not -- but no names required!) (2) Some details on the nature of your knee problem (3) Some details about how you healed -- or what you’ve had success with to treat your pain.

Either leave a comment below or e-mail me at rb409699 [at symbol here] (my correct e-mail address; sorry, the one in the book contains a typo). I’ll use some of the stories in future posts.


  1. Give me another month or two Richard, till I'm convinced it is actually success!

    Funny story - y'day I saw my GP again, and he had a medical student with him. At the end of the consultation, he said to her "guess who diagnosed his knee problem....Dr Google!"

    cheers, TriAgain

  2. Hi TriAgain

    Glad to hear your knee is improving.

    I hope to hear some additional success stories.

    As for me I'm ramping up for another healing attempt, but using Doug Kelsey's approach. After everything that Richard has been saying about Doug's thinking about knee pain, I decided to plunk down the dollars and buy Doug's book.


    1. Keep us posted on that, KneePain. I'll be interested to see how Doug's program works for you. Doug's got the smartest approach out there for treating chronic knee pain, in my opinion.

  3. Have mostly been slowly improving over the last 18 months, post a failed chondroplasty and lateral release, which turned a patella catch into a patella failure.

    The bar was very low when I started working in new ideas (envelope of function, tissue homeostasis, etc.) and changing (it's tough for the ex-superfit to reconfigure their meaning of mind and body) my lifestyle.

    I remember reading Richards book and all the setbacks he experienced: The disappointment, exasperation, fear, etc. Well, I've been suffering some setbacks lately of my own and am having difficulty pin-pointing their origin. One theory is that it's winter here in California and even though we haven't had a lot of rain, we have had a large number of low pressure systems move through. Have wondered at times if the mechanisms afoot with barometer changes are more profound than temporary discomfort?

    So have taken a few steps backward and am simplifying, doing less and hoping I don't slide too far before moving forward again. If and when I heal, will be sure to send you a comprehensive email Richard.

    Good luck to all healing their knees, R-X

  4. Chase Utley, 2B, Philadelphia Phillies (MLB) -- Did a lot of PT in Arizona...basically stuff Rich talks about...missed 1-2 years of baseball...also had a hip surgery (labrum)...had chondromalacia patella (CP) back playing at a productively a big contract...who knows if he's *completely* over it...but he's stated he thinks he's back...doesn't seem to be quite the same...but most middle-infielders in their 30's don't age particularly well...made the All-star team last year...significantly above-average WAR (wins-above-replacement level)...a contribution metric.

    David Segui, 1B, Multiple Teams (MLB) ...Told he needed knee replacements at age 30 (when playing for Cleveland Indians)... starting taking HGH ...helped ...said it got rid of the stabbing pain behind his kneecaps...sounds like CP...had 10+ knee surgeries over his career...both knees...regularly works out now...who knows if HGH healed or just time/him being relatively young ...don't know if he locally administered HGH or not (i.e. in the joint...i.e. IAGH) ...he's 50 or so now...seems to live a productive life as a hitting coach in the Kansas City area...

    Those are 2 success stories from sports. Thought this could add to the discussion.