Saturday, July 4, 2015

Do Your Knees a Favor and Get Enough Sleep

Here’s a study, the results of which (published in Arthritis Care & Research) surprised me not at all.
Researchers discovered poor sleep habits among people with knee osteoarthritis (OA) appear to increase their sensitivity to pain resulting in an amplification of discomfort.
The study included 208 subjects (72 percent of whom were female). They were split into four groups: osteoarthritis patients with insomnia, OA patients with normal sleep habits, then two control groups of healthy subjects -- half with insomnia, half who slept normally.

The group with knee OA and insomnia had the greatest degree of “central sensitization” -- a condition of the nervous system where pain signals are amplified.

I’ve mentioned before how important getting a good night’s sleep is. I think it does wonders on different levels: It gives your body downtime to mend, puts your legs in a relaxed, non-stressful position, and improves your outlook on life in general.

So if you’re trying to win the knee-pain battle, and you’re not getting eight hours a night (or whatever constitutes a full night of rest for you), maybe you need to rethink your schedule to give yourself enough good, restorative sleep time.


  1. I can only second that. I'm guilty of never getting enough sleep. Usually about 6 hours a night, but sometimes I get as little as 4 hours. I can feel my bad knee so much more when I have had little sleep.
    On the other hand, if I sleep 'too much' (about 8 or 9 hours), my knee doesn't feel good either. I think it's more the fact that I sleep on my side, and despite trying to fall asleep with my leg extended, I always end up in a foetal position with knees bent.

  2. Yeah, a good night sleep is very important. If I don't rest enough my pain increases. For me is a priority. 8 hours minimum. It really helps.

    1. Same here. In the morning pain is 1 of 10, in the afternoon up to 6.

  3. Thank you for your book, rereading it again after a year! Down the shute again 6 months after surgery again. Thanks for the ladder up!

  4. Interesting! Good post though it is short. I had a problem with my knee for about three months. It became very difficult for me to do the work. The pain actually increased during the night time and disturbed my sleep. The pain was so terrible that I took about three painkillers a day. Then I consulted a registered physiotherapy clinic in Physio Now at Mississauga. And that was the treatment which went effective after trying a lot other options including medications.